About Us

Cyber technology has become pervasive and indispensable. As cyber technology advances and the Internet of Everything becomes reality, it is critical that these systems are secure and that they operate for the benefit of humankind.

Research Areas

Binary Analysis and Rewriting

Automatically reverse engineer and transform binaries

Binary Hardening

Retrofit legacy binaries with security

Binary Diversification

Break the software monoculture

Binary Fuzzing

Automatically find weakness in real-world binaries

Malware Analysis

Malware analysis at scale

Meet the Team

Principal Investigators


Anh Nguyen-Tuong

Principal Scientist

Fuzzing, Automated Critical Systems


Jack W. Davidson

Professor of Computer Science

Compilers, Embedded Systems, Security


Jason D. Hiser

Principal Scientist

Binary Analysis, Binary Rewriting, Biking

Grad Students


Abbas Naderi Afooshteh

Graduate Student

Information Security, Cryptography, Philosophy


Omkar Bhat

Graduate Student

IOT, Cyber Security, Cryptography

Recent Publications